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Creating Life Long Learners
Inspiring students to be excited to learn and explore is the main component of our developed curriculum and approach.  Creating a community of life long learners is not only essential for individual success but also for the success of our world.  We, as early educators, are molding future presidents, educators, artists, and doctors to name a few. We strongly believe that the desire to learn and grow should not stop when we are grown but we should continue to challenge and better ourselves throughout life.  Creating an environment where education is viewed as an exciting component of daily life will instill pride within each child molding a life long learner.  Students are encouraged to ask questions, observe, explore, and analyze through exciting, age appropriate and hands on activities.
Focus on the Arts
Research studies have shown that by exposing children to performing and visual arts will help them to improve their critical thinking skills and develop self confidence. Teachers recognize that the arts are an essential part of every child's development and learning. Federal legislation, In the No Child Left Behind Act, identifies instruction in the arts as a core subject area. Educational research also shows that hands-on arts activities aid in brain development and help children learn and excel in other curricular areas such as reading, math, language arts, and science.  Children naturally respond to music, dance, art and drama. Now is the time to expose your child to many different experiences. Our approach takes into account the expressive needs and the developmental abilities of young children.
Laboratories for Learning
Laboratories for Learning are our unique approach to the learning environment.  Our hands on Laboratories involve students in a variety of cross curriculum activities in both an indoor and outdoor setting.  Students are engaged in a multitude of activities that enhance developmental progress and instill a joy for learning that will remain with each student throughout life. Students are encouraged to explore with materials creating interesting and important learning experiences.

Extra Extra, Read All About It!

"My family and I want to give the most sincere thank you to all at the TerraNichol Academy of the Arts for providing such a special place for our son.  The first moment we walked in the door we knew this was the school we had been searching for.  The atmosphere is perfectly cozy, the environment is spotless yet warm and inviting . . .

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Our Community Outreach

TerraNichol was specially designed to support Community Outreach Programs.  We support new educators by opening our school as a training facility to college students.  We also welcome Volunteers through our Helping Hands Program to work with small groups of students on art projects, reading stories, and offering unique talents. 


Englewood Community Garden

The Englewood Community Garden has opened and TerraNichol is pleased to be a part of the flourishing garden.  Our garden plot is currently growing lettuce, tomatoes, and fresh herbs.  Families volunteer to plant, water, and harvest from our crop.  The food is used to create organic snacks at TerraNichol and to add to our culinary art experiences.