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Welcome to TerraNichol Academy of the Arts. We know your whole family will enjoy the school and the friends you will make here. We are excited to welcome your family to our family.

When TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Preschool was founded  in 2006, It was done with a singular purpose- strengthening families and the foundation of the community. It has been an honor and a privilege to watch that happen. We are here to offer each family with early childhood information, skills, resources and support. As we begin our new school year, we welcome you to our growing family and invite you to put down your roots.


About The The Founder

Terra  Tominelli was the founder  of TerraNichol  Academy  of  The  Arts, she  had  a  dream  to  open a  preschool  with  an  environment  rich  of possibilities,  where  learning  would  be meaningful  and  visible  to  the  community  and  parents  would  be  considered  as partners.  Terra’s  dream  of  creating  a  preschool  that “re-­‐-­‐-thinks  what  education should  look  like”  became  reality  in  2006.  She  inspires  her  students  to  be  “Creativi”, which  means  “creative  children  in  Italian”.


 TerraNichol  Academy  of  The  Arts  is  a  preschool  for  ages  18  mos.~  First  Grade.  The  preschool  incorporates  the internationally  acclaimed  Reggio  Emilia  approach  to  learning,  which  is  designed  to support, promote  and  deepen  investigation,  curiosity,  autonomy,  communication, 

exploration  and  social  interaction  in  young  children.  Everything  here  in  our  learning  labs  has  a  meaning  and  TerraNichol  Academy  is  compromised  with  many  “ateliers”  or  working  studios  with  themes.  In  addition,  children  have  access  to  the  Atelier  “Art  Studio”,  Piazza  “Social  &  Dining”  area,  Atelier  D’Acqua  “Water  Exploration  Area”,  Parco  Gioci  “Play  Garden”.  Students  also  participate  in enrichment  workshops  such  as  yoga,  drama,  Spanish,  Italian,  culinary  arts,  music appreciation,  sustainability  methods,  creative  dance,  and  gymnastics.  


Don’t  let  the  beauty  fool  you!

The  real beauty  is  the  children,  families,  and  the educational  project  here.  ~Terra  Tominelli-­‐-­


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