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Community Outreach Program

TerraNichol was specially designed to support Community Outreach Programs.  We support new educators by opening our school as a training facility lab to college students.  We also welcome Volunteers through our Helping Hands Program to work with small groups of students on art projects, reading stories, and offering unique talents.  

If you are interested in volunteering at TerraNichol please send an email to with the subject line Volunteer.  Please be sure to include your name, how you would like to volunteer, and your contact information.

In addition to our primary mission of providing early education, another important focus of TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts is to provide opportunties for professional exchanges, training, and collaborations with other early childhood educators. TerraNichol Academy is a teaching school.

Alumni and their parents are an important part of the TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts School community. We want to stay in touch with the generations of families that have supported our school and helped to build its future.  We would like to keep you informed of the TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts School and its alumni activities, and provide opportunities for families to maintain connections with former classmates and friends.

What’s Happening at TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts?
Our quarterly newsletter contains details about upcoming events and reunions, as well as updates about friends, former students, and our teaching team. The Bambini Creativi Newsletter will also highlight our Play Performances, On-site Events, Activities, Articles and Connections with the Artist District here in Englewood. It’s a great way to keep you updated about what is going on at TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts. 

Please stay in touch with us! Make sure TerraNichol Academy of The Arts School has your current home and email addresses, and please share news and photos with us. Email: We will include your news in future issues of the TerraNichol Bambini Creativi Newsletter and photos will be displayed in the Facebook/Twitter alumni folder for your friends and family to see.

Alumni Giving
Do you remember circle time? The smell of lavender infused play dough? Ticket sales for the ART IS ALIVE PLAY PERFORMANCE? Planting in Eco-Village? Building an elaborate block structure? Doing the downward dog in yoga class and having hot tea? Practicing the Salsa during Zumba class? Discovering a snail on the composter and it sparking a month long project about snails? 

Please help us continue to create these wonderful experiences for future generations. As you know from your time at the school, our community thrives because we support and enrich the program with our time and resources. With the support of generous alumni like you, we can expand the programs and resources we have to offer to our children and ensure that their experience is as rich and rewarding as your child’s was. Yes I would like to give.


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