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You are invited to tour our state-of -the-art school to experience our working studios (ateliers), and to learn more about why and how TerraNichol Academy of The Arts makes learning meaningful. 

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Submit School Admissions Application To Help Guide The school Tour.

Click On Parent Tab to submit forms via internet. Click on Admissions for polices and procedures.

Join Us for a Virtual Backstage Tour Of Our Eco-Friendly Campus. Email us for the link. 

Join us Virtually for a backstage tour of our eco-friendly campus. TerraNichol Academy of The Arts strives to provide an environment of creativity and implement activities appropriate for early childhood education. Our goal is to encourage each child’s development, which will help children become ready for academics and develop into life-long learners.


We are happy to know we share the same values for early childhood experiences, and that you have considered the philosophy of our school as a good fit for your child and family.


The Reggio Emilia Approach invited us all to love learning, reflect on ourselves as learners, and encourage interaction with the learning community. Working together and advocating for all children is a priority and a value for TerraNichol Academy of The Arts. The educators and contributors to our collective educational project are committed to high-quality learning experiences, documenting and researching how each child acquires knowledge, nurturing children to be citizens of the world, and supporting children’s unique natural paths of learning and understanding. 

At TerraNichol we work as a teaching team to enhance the children’s learning experience. Both children and staff float from the learning environment to a learning environment creating a family of learning. We feel that exposing students to different teaching methods, personalities, activities, and settings build stronger social skills, coping skills, and better prepare students for other learning environments.


At TerraNichol we use an eclectic fusion of curriculums that are research-based and proven successful for early childhood and primary programs. We incorporate the creative curriculum, Reggio Emilia approach, theories of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence, and custom TerraNichol Curriculum. We thrive on incorporating the visual and performing arts to help students excel in all domains.


The Reggio Emilia approach began in Reggio Emilia Italy and is still a driving force to many of their schools today. We have incorporated it here at TerraNichol because it focuses on the whole child, building a well-rounded academic program. The Reggio Approach focuses on student’s interest encouraging exploration and incorporating skills across the curriculum. The Reggio Emilia Approach was hailed as "the best education in the world for early learners" by Newsweek Magazine in 1991, and Harvard has also used the Reggio Approach in their Graduate School of Education for the last 23 years.


Our Enrichment classes are a great way to teach students skills on a diverse level. Students engage in Spanish, yoga & tea time, Zumba, music and art appreciation, culinary arts, eco-village, creative movement, gardening and gymnastics daily. Enrichment classes are a beneficial way to meet all types of learning styles and incorporate cross-curriculum skills.

The best compliment to our program is parent referrals. If a TerraNichol family referred you to our program please let us know so we can make sure to thank them.


We look forward to your visit and our partnership as collaborators in extending your child’s learning experience.

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