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Our Learning Environment is a small micro-school family where our children feel right at home.

We provide each child a warm, safe, loving, fun, supportive, nurturing and stimulating, environment for learning exploration, which promotes the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of each child.

Each child is viewed as an individual and we recognize every child as being “unique”, valuing their emerging ideas and individual efforts, along with their need to learn, explore, and discover at their own pace. We would love for you to attend our backstage tour. 



Email us for a virtual tour link!


School Day Program Schedules
3 or 5 Part-Time School Day 
3 or 5 Full Day School Day
Junior Kindergarten Only 
540 Instructional Hours 
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday


Children use "A Hundred Languages" to express themselves.  Words, symbols, sounds, music, art, etc. It is through those languages we learn about our children and what is important to them.
Children learn through interacting with their peers. (Social Constructivism)
The environment is the third teacher – The teacher, parent and classroom are all teachers in a Reggio environment.  The atelier, or art studio, plays an especially important role in enhancing and guiding the community.
Children are capable people who can drive their own learning.
 Documentation acts a reflective learning tool to guide teachers and students.
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