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"Our Commitment to Education for Sustainability"

The TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts School has a very strong commitment to the environment and education for sustainability. The aim of education for sustainability is to promote a sense of responsibility, respect, empowerment, active participation, enquiry and social change to make a positive difference. Not just now but also for future generations.
Within our curriculum education for sustainability focuses on our shared Aboriginal history of connections with the land and reconciliation; biodiversity - nature connections, gardens and animals; environmental health - eliminating chemicals and pesticides; slow food – growing our own food, respecting the natural rhythms of seasons and food traditions; resources – responsible use of water and energy, waste minimization, fair trade and the sharing of resources; and living in peace with each other and nature.

Early childhood is a great time to involve children in education for sustainability and develop lifelong practices to ensure the respect and protection of each other and our planet. We believe a sense of wonder, belonging to and love of the natural environment, living things and animals is critical for young children to develop lifelong respectful, positive and proactive attitudes towards protecting our environment, caring for all living creatures and creating a sustainable environment.

At our place the children are actively involved in sustainable practices every day. Education for sustainability has strengthened our relationships with the children, families and community. It has also given TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts the reputation of being a leader in early childhood education for sustainability and the recipient of awards and contributed to our proud achievements.

We hope your family will become as involved in caring for our planet as your children.

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