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TerraNichol Academy Waste Free Lunch Program

What is a waste-free lunch include and look like?

  • reusable lunchbox

  • reusable container

  • refillable drink bottle

  • include reusable utensils (fork and spoon everyday even for finger foods) Students will be encourage to eat all foods with utensils.

  • cloth mat

  • cloth napkin

  • reusable ice pack

  • If sending hot food- reusable thermos


Lunchbox should be easy for the student's to unzip, unpack & pack up, open containers, open drink bottle, and small child size utensils. Teaching team will communicate with parents what is working best for your child the first week of school. Make sure all containers are leak proof. 


Please do not send bottles, sippy cups, or baby food. Lunches should be healthy, well-balanced brain food, and include milk or water.  (please do not pack candy, gummies, sugary foods, chips, soda, or sugary juice, etc. See parent handbook) Any food that is not within the school policy will be sent home with a note from the administration.


At TerraNichol we promote eating healthy, organic when possible, and brain foods that give us energy and keep us healthy. 

Children will be encourage to use table manners, gain independence, self-help skills which will include eating all foods with utensils. We eat as a school family at lunchtime, which includes the entire school as well as the teaching team. The Teaching Team will model for the students. 


Why pack a waste-free lunch? 

• Landfills are reaching capacity and incineration creates air pollution. 

• Funds not spent on trash removal can be put to better use.

• Empower our kids to make positive changes for the planet.

• Eliminate the need for processed, pre-packaged foods.


One child’s disposable lunch generates an average of 67 pounds of waste each school year.

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