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We Believe

"In Reggio Emilia Preschools Each Child is viewed as infinitely, capable, creative, and intelligent. The job of the teacher is to support these qualities and to challenge children in appropriate ways." 

We believe our current practice, which is rooted in the inspiration from the philosophy of  our program and Preschools of Reggio Emilia, is the natural growth and evolution in the program's commitment to providing the highest quality programming for students 18mos-first grade which enhances development and lays the foundation for peaceful, happy, healthy and respectful citizens of the world. Our beliefs as early childhood educators along with inspiration from Friedrich Froebel, Dewey, Maria Montessori, Lev Vygotsky, Rudolf Steiner, and Jean Piaget is what helps our teaching team evolve each year and to really educate the "whole child" and look at the individual child in a holistic way, respecting and nurturing each child's potential in all domains; physical, emotional, social, cognitive, creative, humanity, and spiritual growth.  It is the Reggio Emilia Way that parents are a child's primary teachers. The Reggio Emilia philosophy believes that parents are essential to a child's early learning. TerraNichol Academy believes communication and collaboration among the three partners of education: children, parents, and educators in high quality programs provides the highest quality early childhood experiences for each child in our program. Our vision for our world of education is for children to be honored, respected for their potential, and capabilities and humanity.

We believe in building a child’s self esteem on a foundation of acceptance, encouragement and respect. Each student’s ideas are nurtured producing an environment conducive to developing independence, creativity, and confidence.  Children are encouraged to solve problems while they explore and interact with ideas and the materials presented. Education forms a partnership with the child’s own interests, creating a lifelong love to learn. We see children as competent inspired learners, with unlimited potential. As an exceptional cooperative school, we provide a rich educational environment, engaging curriculum, inspired teachers, and endless learning opportunities.  Partnering with families, together we form a neighborhood where children and adults connect in joyful learning and exploration of life.

We believe that the learning process is dynamic, involving the teachers, parents, and the children. The most effective teachers provide authentic experiences, which are relevant to children's daily lives and give meaning to each child's learning. Good teachers provide children with emotional security, opportunities to explore, take risks, succeed, fail and persevere.

We believe that each child, family and educator is a unique and valued individual. We value and honor diversity and accept and celebrate differences in other people.

We believe each person and their family’s values, culture, beliefs, abilities and language should be acknowledged and accepted and reflected in the school environment.

We believe that education is transformative and shared the children's journey of self discovery and change.We believe learning is enhanced in an environment where you feel you belong. We believe in nourishing the children’s and educator’s soul, creativity and imagination.

We believe that play is essential in the lives of young children. We believe play values the ideal of allowing children to “just be” and recognizes the importance of early childhood. We believe play should be fun, exciting, spontaneous, hands-on, stimulating, relaxing, comforting and challenging.

We believe it is important to provide opportunities for children to experiment, discover, explore, create, investigate, practice theories, and solve problems and express ideas with the support of other children and the educators.

We believe in celebrating children’s play, discoveries and learning through reflection and meaningful documentation. We believe children are capable, resourceful and valued members of the community. We believe children should be encouraged and supported to follow their learning interests with the support of the education community. We believe that play is essential to children’s learning and that children learn most effectively within an unhurried environment with meaningful, authentic experiences.

We believe young children bring delight and make a valuable contribution to the community and to the world. We believe children should be encouraged and supported to make their own decisions and choices and seek to actively develop positive problem solving skills in a success-orientated environment.

We believe in providing children with opportunities to discover and learn about themselves, others and the environment in an atmosphere that encourages harmonious and meaningful relationships. We believe a sense of wonder, belonging to and love of the land, nature and animals are critical for young children to develop lifelong respectful, positive and proactive attitudes to our environment and to ensure our sustainable future.

We believe in giving children time to play outdoors every day. We believe in the rights of children to be able to feel the grass beneath their feet, the sun on their face, experience the natural rhythms of the seasons and breathe fresh air. We believe this is essential to everyone’s well being and development. We believe in nurturing and protecting our most precious gifts – our children and our planet.

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