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The Reggio Emilia approach to preschool education recognizes every child's potential for limitless creativity, intelligence, and capability. The teacher's role is to foster and encourage these qualities while providing suitable challenges for each child.

We believe in giving children time to play outdoors every day.

We believe in the rights of children to be able to feel the grass beneath their feet,

and the sun on their faces experiences the natural rhythms of the seasons, and breathe fresh air.

We believe this is essential to everyone’s well-being and development.

We believe in nurturing and protecting our most precious gifts – our children and our planet.


TerraNichol Academy's vision for education is to create a world where children are honored and respected for their potential, capabilities, and humanity. This is a powerful and admirable goal that speaks to the heart of what education should be about: empowering and nurturing young people to become confident, compassionate, and engaged members of their communities. It's clear that the program's teaching team is dedicated to this mission and continually works to evolve and improve their practices in order to better serve their students.

We prioritize building self-esteem in children through acceptance and respect, nurturing their creativity and independence. Our school fosters a lifelong love for learning and sees every child as a competent and inspired learner with unlimited potential. We believe that effective teaching involves authentic experiences relevant to children's daily lives, emotional security, and opportunities to explore, take risks, succeed, fail, and persevere. We value diversity and uniqueness, celebrating differences among children, families, and educators.


TerraNichol School Academy of The Arts,

We believe in building children's self-esteem through acceptance, encouragement, and respect. They value each child, family, and educator as unique individuals and honor diversity.

We believe that education is transformative and that learning is enhanced in an environment where one feels they belong. Play is considered essential in the lives of young children, and the school provides opportunities for them to experiment, discover, explore, create, investigate, and express their ideas.

We believe in celebrating children's play, discoveries, and learning through reflection and meaningful documentation. Children are encouraged and supported to follow their learning interests, make their own decisions and choices, and develop positive problem-solving skills in a success-orientated environment.

We believe in providing opportunities for children to develop harmonious and meaningful relationships with others and the environment, fostering a sense of wonder, belonging, and love for the land, nature, and animals, which is critical for their lifelong respectful, positive, and proactive attitudes towards our environment and sustainable future.

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