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Bebé que juega con bloques de construcción


"Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold"

TerraNichol Academy embraces constructivist education while incorporating the Reggio Approach to projects and learning.  Constructivism is not a “method” of teaching, but rather a theory regarding how we all learn. Constructivist educators put the emphasis on the  process, and instead of how “best to teach”, we strive for “how best to learn”.

As an visual and performing arts school we encourage children to approach learning with enthusiasm and joy. Children’s minds naturally construct knowledge by engaging in the process, searching for meaning, synthesizing information, interpreting ideas, adapting their theories, and sharing what they think.  This process allows us to  construct understanding; growing our minds, hearts and souls.

Palos secos


Our primary objective in the early childhood curriculum is to instill a love of learning in young children. We strive to cultivate a sense of curiosity and creativity in children, encouraging them to fearlessly explore their ideas and express their thoughts. Our aim is to empower children to become self-sufficient, confident, and inquisitive learners who can apply their learning throughout their lives. Rather than simply teaching children what to learn in preschool, we focus on equipping them with the necessary tools to learn independently and at their own pace, utilizing methods that best suit their learning style. By instilling positive habits and attitudes, especially a strong sense of self-worth, we seek to make a meaningful and long-lasting impact on their lives.

Your curriculum aims to support children's development in social, emotional, cognitive, and physical domains through a variety of activities and approaches. The curriculum is arts research-based and draws upon Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory, developmentally appropriate practices, and emergent curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach.

The curriculum includes visual and performing arts such as music, dance, drama, and photography, as well as art appreciation. Academic subjects such as language, literacy, poetry, science, math, social studies, computer technology, and Spanish are also included.

Outdoor and physical education activities like yoga, gymnastics, gardening, eco-village, sand and water discovery, playground activities and games, and outdoor science labs are provided to help children develop their physical skills and connect with nature. The preschool is also eco-friendly, incorporating worm farming, composting, vegetable and herb gardening, recycling programs, and waste-free "greener lunches."

Overall, the curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded and engaging learning experience that promotes children's growth and development in various domains while fostering creativity, curiosity, and a love of learning.


Neurological science has demonstrated that active engagement in experiences is key to fostering a thriving human mind, which is commonly referred to as experiential learning. Our approach to education involves providing a structured, yet flexible, learning environment that offers hands-on activities and investigative projects, allowing children to anticipate school with a sense of excitement and adventure. Our innovative curriculum is designed to support both critical and creative thinking skills, and it is tailored to grow alongside the children as they develop. Drawing on Dr. Howard Gardner's work on Multiple Intelligences, we strive to cater to the learning styles of each individual child. We emphasize collaboration between teachers, children, and parents, and encourage participation in classroom activities, on-site field trips, and projects launched by the children themselves. At our school, education is viewed as a lifelong journey, full of infinite possibilities, rather than a linear path.


AT TerraNichol Academy, we employ an interdisciplinary approach to education, where our indoor and outdoor spaces serve as "Laboratories for Learning," allowing ideas to flourish and grow. Our progressive school incorporates a wide range of subjects into our interdisciplinary approach, and academic skills are developed naturally as literature, language arts, and mathematics are integrated into children's daily activities. Students of all ages feel valued as they share their knowledge with others and make connections between "big ideas" across various subjects. At TerraNichol Academy, we recognize that there are countless ways for children to express their ideas and knowledge, and we encourage them to explore these "100 languages" using mediums such as numbers and letters, stories and songs, paint and clay, wire and wood, dance, and drama.

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