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Are We the right school for you?

Students will be involved in messy activities such as paint, gak, goop, mud, water play, face paint, watercolors, playing in the rain with their rain boots and so much more.

We believe it is important to provide opportunities for children to experiment, discover, explore, create, investigate, practice theories, and solve problems and express ideas with the support of other children and the educators.
We believe young children bring delight and make a valuable contribution to the community and to the world.

We believe children should be encouraged and supported to make their own decisions and choices and seek to actively develop positive problem solving skills in a success-orientated environment.

We believe in providing children with opportunities to discover and learn about themselves, others and the environment in an atmosphere that encourages harmonious and meaningful relationships.

We believe a sense of wonder, belonging to, and love of the land, nature and animals are critical for young children to develop lifelong respectful, positive, and proactive attitudes towards our environment and to ensure our sustainable future.
We believe in giving children time to play outdoors every day.

We believe in the rights of children to be able to feel the grass beneath their feet, the sun on their face, experience the natural rhythms of the seasons and breathe fresh air.

We believe this is essential to everyone's well-being

and development. The students and community

teaching team have lunch in eco-village everyday.

Students spend a great deal of time outdoors exploring environment-learning centers. This being said always apply sun block and bug spray before coming to school.

Students should wear comfortable cool or warm clothes to school. Student must be prepared for the outdoors with the right clothing. Gardening hats are always available as well as water.

Students have access to water indoors and outdoors and may self-service anytime.

We believe students need to stay hydrated at all times.
We believe in nurturing and protecting our most precious gifts – our children and our planet.

We believe that the learning process is dynamic, involving the teachers, parents, and the children. We'll be direct, honest, thorough and responsible in communicating information to students and parents. Students will be using toasters, stoves, blenders, microwaves, cutlery, and woodworking tools.

We believe that education is transformative and share the children's journey of self-discovery and change.

We believe learning is enhanced in an environment where you feel you belong.

We believe in nourishing the child's and educator's soul, creativity and imagination.

We encourage an active engagement with the world.
We believe that the early childhood experience lays the foundation for all future growth and development.

Each day, experiences provided are based on the children's interest. These interest may include art, drama, yoga, math, science, social studies, Spanish, blocks, dough, dramatic play, writing corner, construction toys, journals, books, sand, active and imaginative play, gardening, story telling and music.

Children can initiate or continue their own projects and investigations that may last days or weeks.

Some children may also be involved in collaborative projects with other children. Children will also have the opportunity to participate in group activities with either a small or large group.

Teacher~ Of course as teachers it is up to us to raise students to a level where they can engage in the activities mentioned above in a safe and mature way. That is what a teacher does. That's what the word teacher means. "Aim not where they are, but where they should be."

Our teachers are not babysitters or daycare workers; they are early childhood educators that take their role very seriously. The preschool team has a very strong commitment to professional development and participating in training courses and workshops throughout the year. We do hire and accept teachers that are interning or are working on completing their degrees in the Early Childhood Field. We feel our program is a great site for mentoring and training first year teachers!

Do you recognize and value other's time, organization, and planning? TerraNichol Academy of The Arts strives to have a well thought out program as well as an organized program. In order for this goal to be mastered we ask the parents to respect our deadlines by turning in forms, records, class wish lists, and volunteer time by proposed deadlines as well as take part in reading, emails, newsletters, website. We work really hard to make sure we are communicating vital information.

Do you value the early childhood field? Our teacher's role is to be a facilitator for our students and parents. We value our teacher's profession here a TerraNichol and expect our parents to value the role as well. We feel it is the most important role a person can and take on.

Commitment~ TerraNichol Academy of The Arts makes a commitment to the program, the parents, and the students each and every school year. Are you willing to make a commitment to the school and the community teaching staff? We value our community teaching team and we ask that our parents make a commitment to the community teaching team and the program for the school year.

We are very happy for parents to be involved in the life of the school, in all kinds of rich, exciting and rewarding ways. We work on an 'invitation-acceptance' or an 'offer-acceptance' basis. In other words, we may invite parents to contribute to the school in some way, and they may accept our invitation; equally they may offer to help us in some way and we may accept their invitation. However we are not happy with parents who want to impose their own agendas on the school, and we don't tolerate parents who attempt to bully the school, teachers, or other students.

The Role of the Parent parents are essential component of the school. They are an active part of their children's learning experiences and help to ensure the welfare of all the children in the school.  All families are members of the TerraNichol Academy Family team.

Please recognize that we will not suit everybody. If you are not comfortable with what you read here, we will not be the right school for you.

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